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Kanban Management Professional (KMP)

Zertifizierte Trainings der Lean Kanban University.
Business Agility verstehen und gestalten!
Business Agility Leader & Innovation Workshop
Vienna, 28.2.-1.3.2019

Business Agility - Success Redefined

A new Global Platform created in Vienna
Network, Events, Thought Leadership, Services

We are growing the Team!

Wir suchen Dich! Agile Coach, Scrum Master, Trainer.
Demnächst mehr. Und wer nicht warten kann, kontaktiert uns gleich jetzt!

Zertifizierte Scrum Trainings

Hochwertige Produkte mit kreativen Teams
Scrum Alliance CSM® und CSPO®

Professional Agile Coaching

Nächster Lehrgangsstart demnächst in Wien.
März – November 2019

Agile Leadership

Zukunft gestalten. Rundum wirkungsvoll führen.
Austria, Germany, Spain

ScrumAlliance Agile Leadership

CAL1 Featuring Michael Sahota

24.-25. October 2019 in Vienna, Austria

Essential Kanban Condensed

Die Essenz von Kanban im Kompaktformat. Die deutsche Übersetzung von uns, ab jetzt im dpunkt Verlag! Die Essenz im Details in unseren LKU Kanban Trainings.

Advanced Agendashift Workshop

Coaching & Leading Continuous Transformation

A deep-dive with Mike Burrows. 2019 in Munich, Germany
Lean Change Agent Workshop

Lyssa Adkins in Vienna!

Coaching Agile Teams 3.0 Coming back to Vienna soon!

Probably the best class on Agile Coaching on the market! And we will hosting Lyssa again in Austria, Vienna – right in the Heart of Europe!

Growing Agile Organizations – The Path to Business Agility
Choose our Offering via Lean Kanban University

<mGrowing Agile Organizations – The Path to Business Agility
Choose our Offering via Lean Kanban University
Also check out our #KanbanTour17 >

Agile Experts – Consult, Train and Coach
for The Learning Organization

Some Highlights – Be Inspired!

When it comes to re-thinking strategy, portfolio, organization and to changing ways we lead, collaborate, create and deliver, then thought-provoking leadership is essential. We work with the best. We offer thought-provoking experience together with powerful guidance. We continue bringing the most awesome events close to you.

Agile Masterclass with Alistair Cockburn in Vienna, Co-Author of Agile Manifesto.

Read more >

Workshop with Christopher Avery in Berlin, Author of The Responsibility Process.

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Co-Training “Coaching Agile Teams” with Lyssa Adkins in Vienna, one of the originators of the term “Agile Coaching”.

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Michael SahotaCertified Agile Leadership with Michael Sahota, the number one trainer for the CAL-Program through the Scrum Alliance.

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Let us know, which event do you want us to bring close to your location – tell us here >.


Enterprise Kanban
Enterprise Services Planning (ESP) for end-to-end Business Agility. We collaborate with David J. Anderson and provide ESP Consulting, Training and Coaching.
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Scrumban. Achieving Business Agility
Our new book. Coming out in 2018! Offering practices & tools now.

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Digitale Lunchbox
Mastering Digital Transformation. Networking with practitioners in Vienna.
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Agile HR Circle
A forum for HR practitioners. Join our next Agile HR Circle breakfast.
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DevOps Service Offering
Together with leading service providers we are rolling out our DevOps Service Offering based upon proven frameworks. Its all about achieving world-class Business Agility.
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Coaching Agile Teams 3.0
Following 2017, in 2018 we will host again the best offering in class in Vienna. Lyssa Adkins’ 3 day workshop via Agile Coaching Institute. One part of our Agile Coaching service offering. Stay tuned for new dates.

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Start your Learning Journey towards Business Agility – Next Public Trainings and Workshops
All our trainings are powered by the X-factor – accelerated impact via highly experienced facilitators.
Interested in running a training, workshop or briefing inhouse or in your city?
Drop us your note at

Certified Kanban Trainings

  • 19.-20. Feb 2019, Wien, AT,
    KMP I – Die Kanban Methode und Kanban Systeme gestalten
    Starting at: €900.00 | Language: German
    Book now

Agile Management & Leadership

  • Our training schedule for 2018 will see again one Management 3.0 course each quarter for Austria and Germany. Want a training in your city, not listed? Get in touch!
  • 06.-07. May 2019, Wien, DE,
    Management 3.0 Foundation – Agile Leadership
    Starting at: €1,150.00 | Language: German
    Book now
  • 22.-23. May 2019, Wien, AT,
    Lean Change Agent Workshop
    Starting at: €240.00 | Language: German
    Book now
  • 17.-19. Jun 2019, Vienna, AT,
    Agile Trans4mational Leader Workshop
    Starting at: €1,990.00 | Language: EN
    Book now
  • 24.-25. Oct 2019, Vienna, AT,
    Certified Agile Leadership Training (CAL 1) with Michael Sahota
    Starting at: €945.00 | Language: EN
    Book now
  • Die Termine für unsere nächsten Management 3.0 Workshops fürs erste Halbjahr 2019 in München und Stuttgart gibts demnächst hier.

Soon up again in Munich, DE, Advanced Agendashift Workshop with Mike Burrows. Coaching and Leading Continuous Transformation.

Certified Scrum & LeSS Trainings

Scrum Masters strengthening impact even beyond a CSM Class. Together with the Potenzialfokus Center Vienna we now offer the Professional Agile Coaching program. Next start March 2019 in Vienna, Austria (German Language).

  • 20.-21. Mar 2019, Wien, AT,
    Certified Scrum Product Owner®, CSPO
    Starting at: €1,050.00 | Language: German
    Book now
  • 20.-21. May 2019, Vienna, AT,
    Certified ScrumMaster® Training, CSM
    Starting at: €1,050.00 | Language: English
    Book now
  • 17.-18. Jun 2019, Wien, AT,
    Certified ScrumMaster® Training
    Starting at: €1,050.00 | Language: German
    Book now
  • 24.-25. Oct 2019, Wien, AT,
    Certified ScrumMaster® Training
    Starting at: €0.00 | Language: German
    Book now

Certified Large-scale Scrum (LeSS) Classes in Austria, Germany and Switzerland

Certified LeSS Practitioner, official 3 days class

Certified LeSS for Executives, official 2 days class

We also offer Advanced Scrum Master classes as well as Advanced Product Owner classes inhouse. And we provide coaching for executives, POs, SMs and teams. Get in touch, if you want to take the next step with your Scrum way beyond the start and especially beyond textbooks.

Innovation Trainings & Workshops

  • 28.-01. Feb 2019, Wien, AT,
    Shiftup – Business Agility & Innovation Leader Workshop
    Starting at: €1,590.00 | Language: English
    Book now
  • 13.-14. Jun 2019, Wien, AT,
    Training from the BACK of the Room
    Starting at: €900.00 | Language: German
    Book now
  • We offer modern trainings and workshops on the whole product & service innovation life-cycle: Design Thinking, Lean Startup and Agile Product Management. If you want to know more, please get in touch with us.

New Training formats

Our trainings and workshops take place around the globe. In 2018 we will start offering public Kanban team trainings (TKP) and we are preparing a new training on Scrumban, both including certificates via Lean Kanban University. And we have launched the Professional Agile Coaching Curriculum > together with top experts in the coaching field. Next to come our Management 3.0 – Advanced Agile Leadership curriculum.

Lean Kanban University Kanban Training and Kanban Coaching

LKU Certified Kanban Trainings

Management 3.0, Agile Leadership and Agile Coaching for Agile Organisations

Agile Organizations and Leadership

ScrumAlliance Certified Scrum Trainings and Scrum Coaching

Certified Scrum Trainings

iSQI Certified Agile Tester

ICAgile Learning Provider

We Consult & Coach for Business Agility

Main focus for our clients is to achieve Business Agility by crafting Adaptive Organizations. Our service offering includes Agile Transformations on enterprise level, more effective Product Management & Innovation, Modern Organizational Design & Agile Leadership.

Working with us, building upon our consulting & coaching expertise, you succeed with change, collaboration and delivery. Use our labs to start experimenting, designing, delivering.

We Enable Organizational Learning

Via our Agile Experts Academy we offer certified classes on Agile Leadership and Management 3.0, the Lean Change approach, we teach Certified Kanban Courses via Lean Kanban university and Certified Scrum Classes via Scrum Alliance. If you want to experience a training in your city or directly at your company, please get into contact with us >.

In addition we support a variety of community events, contributing to sharing, learning and networking.


Strategic Partnership

Agile Experts – Consult, Train and Coach for The Learning Organization

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