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Featured Topic

Business Agility and The Adaptive Organization are key of our service offering and in the middle of interest for most of our activities. A purposeful and competitive objective, making real sense of Lean and Agile initiatives, of startups and individual innovation efforts. Here we’d like to point you to a few blog posts around our highlighted topics (also check our conference talks, where we present a lot details and experiences around it):

  • Beyond Agile – Business Agility for Adaptive Organizations
  • Getting beyond Agile – How to grow an Adaptive Organization (coming soon)
  • Leadership for Adaptive Organizations
  • Organizing for Adaptivity and Speed
  • Sense and Respond – How to balance the right things with doing things right
  • Bringing Innovation out of the Silo


Anything you are especially interested in? You want us writing about a specific topic around Agility, Innovation or Leadership? Drop us your note here and we will give it a try to challenge your believes. Also get in contact with us, if you are interested to write a guest blog post in German or English language.