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Business Agility and The Adaptive Organization are key of our service offering and in the middle of interest for most of our activities. A purposeful and competitive objective, making real sense of Lean and Agile initiatives, of startups and individual innovation efforts. Here we’d like to point you to a few blog posts around our highlighted topics (also check our conference talks, where we present a lot details and experiences around it):

  • Beyond Agile – Business Agility for Adaptive Organizations
  • Getting beyond Agile – How to grow an Adaptive Organization (coming soon)
  • Leadership for Adaptive Organizations
  • Organizing for Adaptivity and Speed
  • Sense and Respond – How to balance the right things with doing things right
  • Bringing Innovation out of the Silo


Anything you are especially interested in? You want us writing about a specific topic around Agility, Innovation or Leadership? Drop us your note here and we will give it a try to challenge your believes. Also get in contact with us, if you are interested to write a guest blog post in German or English language.

Old Habits die hard

Its is quite a long time ago, that some courageous, creative and innovative people found better ways for successfully dealing with knowledge work. And it took quite a few years, that they could build upon deep experiences, coming together...

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Making sense of Sprint Reviews in Scrum

Is this a known pattern to you? On the last day of a Scrum sprint a team is busy preparing for the review. They know, some important stakeholders and also some bosses will be there. Hence they work hard on fixing final issues, preparing clean test data and some intro...

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Beyond Agile

Agile has become mainstream. No research behind, just an observation on our side and by many others. Hardly any IT organization, which does not reach out for known Agile methods or roles. Many job descriptions are filled with Agile keywords...

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