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Mike Leber is an international Executive Consultant and Enterprise Agile Coach. His work is dedicated to evolving new types of Adaptive Organizations, fit for the 21st century. With his clients he drives effective Business Agility competence, crafting innovative and collaborative spaces for fresh business models, shifting towards adaptive types of organizations and growing powerful product or service delivery. He regularly speaks at international conferences and events. Mike is a member of the Heart of Agile team, a group of consultants closely collaborating with Agile Manifesto co-author Alistair Cockburn (more here:

If you like to book a keynote with Mike, a talk or another type of interactive session, please get in contact with us.

We also help others to speak at conferences. As reviewers at international conferences we provide feedback and mentor our coachees to spread their valuable experiences and ideas at international and regional gatherings.

Besides organizing conferences ourselves, we talk, facilitate give speeches and workshops at around 10-15 public events per year. In addition we regularly give keynotes for inhouse clients. Our topics include innovation, entrepreneuership, leadership and modern forms of organizations and work.

Upcoming Events

  • Jan 21-25: OOP 2019, Munich, DE
  • Mar 13-14: Business Agility Conference, New York, US
  • May 20-21: Business Agility Conference, Vienna, AT
  • Sep 19-20: Agile Greece Summit, Athens, GR
  • Oct 28-30: Global Scrum Gathering, Vienna, AT
  • Dec 4-5: Agile Kanban Istanbul, Istanbul, TR
  • Feb 3-7: OOP 2020 Conference, Munich, DE

Conferences – whether traditional format or especially new formats – are the places were we get in touch with a broad and diverse community. Making serious progress on developing new concepts for innovation, servicing, organizing or collaboration, we believe direct exchange with communities, peers, customers is key.

Let’s meet soon at any of these awesome events.

If you want to get in touch for a keynote or a special session at your event – public or inhouse – please drop us your request so we will dive deeper on your idea.

Mike Leber speaking at many International Agile and Lean Conferences
Also check a selection of our talk history at events below.

Past Events - 2018

Past Events - 2017

  • Jan 30 – Feb 3 2017: OOP 2017, Munich, DE
  • Feb 23-24 2017: Business Agility 2017, New York, US
  • Oct 1-3 2017: Enterprise Scrum – Business Agility Conference, Chicago, US

Past Events - 2016

Past Events - 2015

Past Events - 2014

  • Oct 16: PMA Focus, Vienna, AT
  • Nov 10-13: Agile Testing Days, Potsdam, DE
  • Nov 8: Agile Tour, Vienna, AT
  • Oct 28-29: Manage Agile, Berlin, DE
  • Sep 22-24: Scrum Gathering, Berlin, DE
  • May 26-30: XP2014 Conference, Rome, IT
  • Apr 10: ScrumImpulz, Bratislava, SK
  • Apr 8-9: OptionalConference, Budapest, H
  • Apr 6 2014: Agile Adria, HR
  • Feb 3-7 2014: “Management 3.0 – A Serious Game Approach”, OOP2014, Munich, DE

Past Events - 2013

  • Oct 12: “Management 3.0 – A model for Leading Agile Developers and Developing Agile Leaders”, Agile Tour Vienna, Vienna, AT
  • Oct 3-4: “The Art of Change”, Lean Kanban France, Paris, FR
  • Sep 23-25: “The Art of Servant Leadership”, Scrum Gathering, Paris, FR
  • Sep 16-17: “Kanban – Start where you are, but don’t get stuck”, Agile Prague, Prague, CZ
  • Sep 6: “Agile Innovation Essentials”, Lean, Agile & Scrum Konferenz, Zürich, CH
  • Jun 21: “Agile Führung für Projektmanager mit Weitblick”, PM Camp Vienna 2013, Vienna, AT
  • Jun 11: Workshop “Management 3.0 – Agile Leadership”, Co-Session with Jürgen Dittmar & Stefan Haas, Scrum Day 2013, Berlin, DE
  • Jun 4: “Agile Leadership in Action – Workout Practices for Leading Self-Organized Teams”, XP2013 Conference, Vienna, AT
  • Apr 23: Seminar “Innovation braucht innovative Führung an der Spitze – Agile Leadership Practices auf dem Weg zur lernenden Organisation“, 10th Innovation Forum, Plattform für Innovationsmanagement, AT
  • Apr 15: “Validated Learning in Product Development“, ACE! Conference on Lean and Agile best practices, Krakow, PL
  • Mar 6: “(In)Credible Leadership Practices for Agile Engineering Teams”, Agile Dev Practices Conference, Potsdam, DE

Past Events - 2012

  • Nov 24: “Just Agile? There is more: Establishing the Creative Team Space”, Co-Session mit M.Laussegger, Die Projektur GmbH, Agile Tour 2012, Wien, AT
  • Nov 18 – 20: 5 workshop moderations on Agile Transformation, Leadership, Self-Organization and Innovation, 9th CIO Congress 2012, Loipersdorf, AT
  • Oct 3: “Just Agile? There is an Alternative: Establishing the Creative Space”, Co-Session mit M.Laussegger, Die Projektur GmbH, Scrum Gathering 2012, Barcelona, ES
  • Jun 27: Impulsbeitrag “Projekte und Anforderungen – konstruierte Realität?”, V-ARC, Wien, AT
  • Jun 13: “Der Projektstart – gute Ernte auf fruchtbarem Boden”, Co-Beitrag mit M.Laussegger, Die Projektur GmbH, pmCAMP! Vienna 2012, Wien, AT
  • May 24: “In Vino Veritas – Agile Management”, Postgraduate Center der Universität Wien, AT
  • May 4: “Leadership Practices für agile(ere) Organisationen“, Zürich, CH
  • May 3: “Leadership Practices für agile(ere) Organisationen“, Stuttgart, DE
  • Apr 25: “Agiles Projektmanagement – Mythen und Fakten“, Microsoft, Wien, AT
  • Apr 12: “Effektiv kommunizieren in Managementprozessen. Herausforderungen und Chancen für agiles Management.“, Postgraduate Center der Universität Wien, AT
  • Apr 12: “Leadership am Beispiel Scrum: Chancen für agilere Organisationen.“, CMG-AE Tagung, Wien, AT
  • Jan 24: “Wie agil kann Business Analyse sein? Ausblick auf die IIBA Agile Extension“, IIBA Chapter Vienna, Wien, AT

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