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Hier finden Sie speziell Posts, die wir in deutscher Sprache veröffentlicht oder übersetzt haben. Bitte um Verständnis, dass dies nicht bei allen Posts der Fall ist.

Anything you are especially interested in? You want us writing about a specific topic around Agility, Innovation or Leadership? Drop us your note here and we will give it a try to challenge your believes. Also get in contact with us, if you are interested to write a guest blog post in German or English language.
Product Owner Anti-Patterns

Product Owner Anti-Patterns

Our new book Scrumban - Achieving Business Agility. A journey towards Product Ownership, Scrum Mastery and Team Work Across the Organization. Due for 2018. Join our Newsletter and stay up-to-date. The Product Owners have been nominated, but wait ... Now there it is....

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