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Kicking off your DevOps initiative, we offer a variety of highly effective services. Depending upon your needs, pick any service or take the whole path.

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DevOps Briefing.

Interested in DevOps in general? Contact us, so that we can arrange a short briefing with your executives and teams. We’ll share some certainly valuable insights, bring your questions to the table in order to have a clarifying dialogue. And you will have a better picture about the DevOps background, your options and a possible roadmap.

DevOps Readiness Assessment.

As soon as you feel tempted or ready for a first step towards DevOps in your company, we offer a concise DevOps readiness assessment. Out of this you better understand the status quo of your organization together with concrete focus points. And you are enabled to build DevOps business case.

Get in contact, if you are interested in taking the DevOps Readiness Assessment.

DevOps Knowledge.

Taking a further preparation step and deepening your DevOps skills, we either organize one of our certified DevOps trainings inside your company or you attend any of our upcoming public class offerings.

Get in contact, if you are interested in learning about the DevOps Fundamentals Syllabus.

DevOps Change.
At the core of implementing DevOps is the understanding and agreement of all parties inside an organization, who share the goal to deliver more valuable results, learn faster and create happier customers. From there we start an implementation together with your teams, properly kicking off and building the foundation for the following change and improvement initiative.

DevOps is a culture, movement or practice that emphasizes the collaboration and communication between all relevant information-technology (IT) professionals to deliver high quality, valuable IT services to customers.

It aims to improve the performance of the IT services through establishing flow in the delivery of all aspects of the IT service. Which means creating a culture, organization, and environment in which the building, testing, releasing and supporting software and infrastructure changes can happen rapidly, frequently and more reliably, often through extensive automation.

Core DevOps Principles
Principle 1
Customer-centric Action (Courage to act, innovate). Consider shortening feedback loops with real customers and end-users. Innovate continuously, understand when to pivot, and how to structure your investment portfolio.
Principle 2
Create with the end in mind (Product & Service thinking, Engineering mindset, Collaborate). Get out of process-oriented models with tendency to sub-optimize for a specific role / function. Act as “product company” focusing on the complete picture.
Principle 3
End-to-End Responsibility (Live your accountability, concept to grave, performance support). Getting out of permanent handoffs, driving accountability for the whole until end-of-life for solutions.
Principle 4
Cross-functional autonomous teams (More T-shaped profiles, complementary skills). Not every person knows everything. But each responsible team has everything on board they need. Balance out accountability and effectiveness with modern ways for organizing.
Principle 5
Continuous improvement. Take uncertainty in customer demand and in technology for granted and inspect, learn and adapt continuously. Learn how to define useful experiments for running the scientific method and improving relentlessly your fitness for purpose.
Principle 6
Automate everything you can (Enhance quality, maximize flow). Consider high cycle rates for permanently processing end user and customer feedback and invest into automating not only within the software development process, but the whole infrastructure landscape.

DevOps is one of the central pillars on which many of the new breeds of IT organizations realize a new modus operandi for delivering IT services. The new digital economy makes it clear, the time for large monolithic IT stacks with a long life-time is over. We live in times of dynamic services, permanently rearranged due to customer needs across organizational boundaries. To make it into the next decade, enterprises regardless of the industries they are in, need to transform to become a so-called “fast-mover”.

Using DevOps across the entire organization, so-called enterprise DevOps, they redesign their business and IT organization using a new operating model, with higher Agility regarding demand and supply, more effective value streams and less handovers as well as less manual activities.