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LKU Certified Training “Kanban Systems Design”
30.+31. October in Pune, India

LKU Training Level: KMP I – Kanban Systems Design
Start your career as a Kanban Management Professional
Trainer: Mike Leber, AKT, Lean and Agile Coach


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LKU Certified Kanban Foundation Training

Business Agility - Adaptive Organizations - Effective Teams - Modern Management Decision Framework

Effective Service Delivery

Whether using Scrum or any other method – drive your product development and service delivery towards outperformance. Lift your existing Kanban implementations to a more effective level.

Grow Business Agility

Grow your organizational agility even without employing Agile methods. Focusing on your whole system you foster the value-chain and drive end-to-end improvement.

Drive Evolutionary Change

Master your fitness for purpose by incrementally increasing your change capability. Kanban is leadership on all levels. And in this class you learn to drive this systematically.

The Kanban Method is a highly comprehensive approach for driving real powerful business impact

Participants learn how to use Kanban for growing their business Agility, making their product and service delivery “fitter for purpose“ and running powerful approaches for change management.


Attending our LKU certified class – the home base of the Kanban Method – you can be sure to get the most out of Kanban.
  • Learn how to effectively address the product and service strategy of your organization, the needs of various stakeholders and the involved business risk
  • Apply techniques for balancing out customer demand, business risk and an organizations capability for dramatically improving your competitive position
  • Design and/or improve your own Kanban systems based upon a powerful systems thinking approach for organizational development
  • Prepare your own Kanban initiative to be rolled out or coached at your own organization or for your own clients
  • Run various interactive games and simulations, maximizing your learning experience together with a highly experienced facilitator and also with your peers

Who is this for?

This LKU certified Kanban class is for anyone, who wants to lead making a product or service organization fitter for its competitive position. Whether you are a manager, product owner, Scrum Master, team member or coach – if you want to learn the full Kanban body of knowledge or deepen / refresh your knowledge around the Kanban method, this is the right place to be. The KMP I class is equally for starters and for all, who want to go really deep with Kanban, or want to expand their existing Kanban knowledge significantly. Read about the most current LKU Kanban Curriculum – the Alternative Path to Agility, this Kanban class builds upon (curriculum level: KMP I).

Training Content

  • Setting the context for Kanban: how to foster business agility for organizations, projects, product and service delivery. Kanban concepts, principles, practices and values
  • Elaborating internal and external drivers for change and generating improvement options
  • Practical techniques for visualizing knowledge work in Kanban
  • Understanding and applying WIP limits
  • Business risk management via service classes
  • Using metrics („fitness criteria“) and data-driven decisions for continuous improvement
  • Designing feedback loops on different organizational levels
  • Kanban system design for concrete Kanban systems
  • Successfully starting and leading Kanban initiatives
  • Aspects for integrating Kanban with other frameworks (e.g. Scrum, SAFe, ITIL)


The class includes the LeanKanban University „KMP I – Kanban Systems Design“ certificate of completion. If you want to go further at a later stage, this enables you together with the KMP II class receive the new Kanban Management Professional (KMP) designation of Lean Kanban University. In addition, participants of this Kanban class are eligible for 16 SEU (Scrum Education Units) for their Scrum Alliance CSP certificate and 16 PDUs as PMI members (e.g. for extending their PMP or PMI-ACP certificate).

Included with the Training Package

  • “KMP I – Kanban Systems Design” Certificate of completion via LeanKanban University
  • Training materials (in electronic PDF format)
  • Minutes of the class via a collection of photos
  • Lunch as well as soft drinks and snacks during breaks

Your Trainer

Mike Leber

Mike Leber

Lean & Agile Coach, Accredited Kanban Trainer (AKT)

Mike works as a Management Consultant, Lean & Agile as well as business coach with Agile Experts e.U. Having more than 25 years experience as a manager, IT consultant and coach with large international groups as well as with smaller teams and mature startups, Mike is well prepared to enrich his classes with hands-on advise and rich learning stories. Mike is an Accredited Kanban Trainer (AKT) of LeanKanban University and also a Scrum Trainer, Management 3.0 and Lean Change Facilitator. Mikes passion is with topics such as leadership, innovation, design thinking and new ways for change management and the growth of highly adaptive “Learning Organizations”. His experience applying Lean and Agile with large IT and industrial organizations since many years feeds a deep learning experience. This is extended with a growing record from work with creative agencies, non-IT departments and diverse industries. In addition Mike is a recognized speaker at international conferences on Lean & Agile.

Your Tickets and Registration

This event takes place in:

Pune, India - Detailed Location will be announced soon


Inspiring Learning Space

This course enables participants to maximize their learning experience. Thorough content together with a variety of interactive learning elements and deep exercises. Connecting with others, the knowledge map,  gets you up to speed, applying real Kanban in your own business.

LeanKanban University

The LKU curriculum is the best place for getting most out of your Kanban. Encounter a new management approach for your Agile or classic environment. Take with you real life case studies. And receive your official LKU certificate.

Practical Experience

This class is far away from theoretical concepts only. Benefit from rich hands-on experience with deep Kanban and a broad variety of related domain knowledge. Grab pragmatic practices to drive, implement or improve your own Kanban initiatives.

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