Management 3.0 ONLINE

Agile Leadership Practices 

Lernen von wo immer aus, Du willst! New World of Work. Zukunft gestalten. Wirkungsvoll führen.

10.-11. Juni 2021
Innovativ, Fokussiert, Online

Keine Zeit für den ganzen Workshop? Kein Problem! Mit Deinem Ticket kannst Du auch beim nächsten Online Workshop nochmals mitmachen. Und den Selbstlernkurs gibts demnächst als Zugabe!

ONLINE Training
8 Themen, 2 Tage, Alles ONLINE
ONLINE Sessions
10.-11. Jun 2021,
09:00-17:00 Uhr

Management 3.0 Workshop

Workplace Innovation. Agile Leadership. Organisation und Führung neu gedacht.

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Happy workshop participants.

“Mike portrayed the human qualities that leadership requires, and rarely has, for large scale organisational transformation.” – Kessete Tekie

“The format that Mike used in combining “lecture”, working groups and discussion groups generated a lot of discussion and learning from him as well as other participants. The topics were practical and not just theory which is very helpful.” – Shirley Roach

“Engaging, good stories and practical tools and tips.” – Biase de Gregorio

“Knowledgeable and kept us all engaged.” – Ferhaana Wally

“Mike kept things simple. Was easy to engage with. Encouraged participation in the class setting. Clearly very knowledegable and passionate on the topic, with many discussions we could relate to.” – Norman Blunden

“Humility Engaging.” – Brand Zietsman

“Extremely knowledgeable, well-paced delivery, approachable, energetic, excellent planning and organisation of the sessions. I enjoyed your sense of humour although most of the room didn’t get it!” – Mary Whitehouse

“Knowledgeable! Explained concepts well. Sense of humor. Prompted interaction. Kept audience engaged.” – Bernie Jardim

“Mike is well experienced and understands very well the mental shift required from managers to recognise their current management style and facilitated really well how to progress into a different style, i.e. managing a complicated environment vs managing a complex environment. He also provided practical tools to use to facilitate the move.” – Hannchen Wiese

“Undogmatic, which is really good. Emphasized especially “Individuals and interactions over processes and tools” and “Responding to change over following a plan” (without mentioning this).”

Konrad Hammerl

Team Lead

“- broad experience, interesting “side” stories, very good presentation skills, deep understanding of topic and industry.”

Martin Putz

Head of IT

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