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How to Develop Products like Tesla and SpaceX

Both, Tesla and SpaceX have revolutionized industrial processes, how to innovate better and faster. Incumbents have been challenged to rethink standard ways of nearly all processes, from engineering down to supplier management and production.

At these companies, software not only has become part of the product, but it has revolutionized the factory, via new ways of collaboration, automation and machine learning.

Joe Justice is a pioneer of agility in hardware and has been working closely with Tesla and SpaceX.

AX Masterclass with Joe Justice

Vienna, Austria

Tue, Apr 23, 2024

Innovate with Entrepreneurial Ecosystems. Just like Haier Group

Over the past 30 years, Haier Group has grown to become China’s largest whiteware producer. But more than that, they turned an 80.000 people corporate into a startup factory of more than 4000 micro-enterprises.

Their management system became known under the term “Rendanheyi” and it is certainly the most innovative concept for how to run a modern company, we’ve so far seen in the 21st century.

Haier expanded this way of working all across the globe by acquiring companies like GE Appliances, Sanyo and more. And their ecosystem, which thrives through an entrepreneurial mindset, their credo “Zero distance to customers”, and an unprecedented level of autonomy, has started to outperform competitors in all the segments, they are active. Alone during the pandemic, 30% constant growth not only in revenues, but also in profits.

The Haier story is not about Agile frameworks at all. Their success did not build upon any Agile method. Instead, this story is about business agility, the principles behind true entrepreneurship. What Haier achieved, probably most Agile transformations have never seen before.

And their approach does not only work for a single startup, but for a large traditional corporate. In order to fully embrace business agility, they didn’t stick to a monolithic enterprise. Instead they migrated into a living ecosystem, that literally became a “startup factory”, empowering people to innovate, fostering open innovation and driving evolutionary change.

In this masterclass you will learn from first-hand experience, comprehending all these concepts and principles, so that you’ll be able to bring them to your own business, fostering fresh perspectives for innovation via real entrepreneurship.

Second AX Masterclass in 2024 (All details TBA)

Vienna, Austria

Nov 11.+12 2024

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