Advanced Agendashift Workshop

May 14th -15th 2018
Munich, Germany

Coaching & Leading Continuous Transformation

Time to change, how we understand change.

Learn directly from the author, Mike Burrows. How to engage any organization for powerful and deep conversation on all levels, driving for better outcome.

About AgendashiftTM

Agendashift is a modern, inclusive, and fundamentally outcome-centric approach to organizational transformation. Its roots are in Lean and Agile, but it remains framework-agnostic by intent and design. Agendashift facilitates rapid, experiment-based evolution of process, practice and organization. It includes workshops like this one, tools for online assessment and various publications.

Also check out the Agendashift book here >
(electronic version included with workshop material).

About this Workshop

This is the most in-depth workshop out of an available series of three. Whether you are a leader, a manager, a Lean or Agile Coach, any kind of change agent, this workshop is for anyone, interested in shaping a compelling agenda for successful organizational and personal change.


Your first step towards outcome orientation, available via Agendashift’s distinctively inclusive, non-prescriptive, and framework-agnostic assessment tool. Available to you in preparation to the workshop.


Creating the opportunity for colleagues and peers to co-create a coherent and outcome-oriented transformation strategy that fits your current context. The core of this workshop.


Build upon our combined experience, crystalized in the form of Lean-Agile transformation strategies to implement, highlighting pitfalls you can avoid, moving ahead right after the event.

Join, if you are ready to

Develop your coaching and leadership skills in the areas of enquiry, facilitation, strategy deployment, and change leadership

Broaden and deepen your appreciation of the Lean-Agile landscape and related bodies of knowledge

Learn how to apply all of the above strategically in your organisation

For whom is this workshop?

This advanced workshop is aimed at agents of organizational change – whether internal or external, specialist practitioner or leader. This includes, but is not limited to, coaches, consultants, managers, business leaders.

Next to enhancing your skills you will have ample opportunity to put them into your organizational context and demonstrate Agendashift’s ability to meet organizational needs in ways such as:

  • Launching, refocusing, or reenergising continuous transformation in your organisation
  • Enhancing your organisation’s internal coaching and change management capability
  • Embedding outcome-orientation and continuous transformation through leadership development

Agenda & Outcomes

Dive into Agendashift, bring your own context, learn how to facilitate it and take with you tons of tools for your own application.

During the 2 days you will learn about the Agendashift approach and experience hands-on the 5 main sections of the Agendashift transformation process: Discovery, Exploration, Mapping, Elaboration and Operation.

What you can expect:

  • Practice in a range of outcome-centric facilitation techniques
  • Recognition of the role of outcome orientation in the modern organisation
  • Understanding of the integration of techniques and concepts from Lean-Agile, Kanban, Clean Language, Cynefin, Lean Startup, and A3.
  • Awareness of the power of feedback loops in organisational behaviour and evolution
  • Powerful Tools – 100%
  • Hands-on Practice – 100%
  • Immediate Applicability – 100%

About Mike Burrows

Mike Burrows, founder at Agendashift and Director at Positive Incline Ltd, is a champion and enabler of outcome-oriented transformation & strategy. Next to his new book Agendashift, Mike is the author of Kanban from the Inside and creator of a variety of open-sourced tools & games such as Featureban, Changeban, and more.

Mike works as consultant, coach, trainer, and is a frequent international keynote speaker. He is also a former Executive Director, interim CTO, global development manager. Interim delivery manager for two UK government digital ‘exemplar’ projects. And he is a winner for Brickell Key award.


Date and Time:
14.-15. May 2018, Each day 09:00-17:00

Venue TBA, -, 81669 Munich, Germany

Included with your ticket for this 2-day workshop is an electronic version of the Agendashift book, electronic copies of all handouts, lunch as well as snacks and nonalcoholic beverages during breaks.

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Managing Change
in the 21st Century

No doubt the business environment has changed dramatically. This has also led to unprecedented speed of change, organizations see themselves challenges to cope with. While traditional change approaches are pushed through an organization, most practitioners already know, this does not lead to desired outcome.

In order to be successful Agendashift starts with understanding of needs and agreement on outcomes first. It draws from desires of those, who have a stake in the change and adds a variety of approaches for continued probing, sensing and delivering on a collaborative basis.