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Kanban and Lean Change at The Beach
15. – 17. Mar 2017 in Barcelona, Spain

An Advanced Practitioner Training
Including LKU “Kanban Management Professional” (KMP II) Certificate
Trainer: Mike Leber (AKT)
Working hours: 9:30am – approx. 6pm

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Agile Experts
LKU Certified Kanban Foundation Training

Business Agility - Adaptive Organizations - Effective Teams - Modern Management Decision Framework

Effective Service Delivery

Whether using Scrum or any other method – drive your product development and service delivery towards outperformance. Lift your existing Kanban implementations to a more effective level.

Grow Business Agility

Grow your organizational agility even without employing Agile methods. Focusing on your whole system you foster the value-chain and drive end-to-end improvement.

Drive Evolutionary Change

Master your fitness for purpose by incrementally increasing your change capability. Kanban is leadership on all levels. And in this class you learn to drive this systematically.

Join these awesome 3 days, including a Certified Advanced Kanban Training (KMP II Level via Lean Kanban University), the Lean Change Agent Stance, the AgendashiftTM framework and a community of changemakers. Directly at the beach, near to Barcelona. Working on your system, building the right products, driving service excellence, growing change capabilities, crafting your own agenda for change.  3 days deep dive on building organizations fit for purpose. 3 days of inspiration, sharing stories, networking and fun. Main language will be English and we also cover German.

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An unbeatable great place to collaborate and learn!

The Kanban Method is a highly versatile approach for achieving deep Business Impact. Join and explore the Alternative Path to Agility.

This is a practitioner deep dive on real life stories and some of most current advanced Kanban concepts. Adding selected practices from Lean Change and AgendashiftTM makes this event a highly valuable asset for changemakers, working with teams and organizations on their delivery and adaptation capabilities in competitive environments. Participants learn to design and improve their work systems and get most out of it by mastering not only advanced Kanban techniques, but also by running successful change management.

You profit from our extensive experience in the field and a training offering certified by Lean Kanban University (LKU) – homebase of the Kanban Method. So you can rest assured to get most out of the Kanban initiatives for your own context, succeeding with an Alternative Path to Agility.

Venue for this Event

Hotel Bel Air
Paseo Maritimo
169 Castelldefels – Barcelona

Directly at the beach. Nearby Barcelona Airport (abt 15min by Taxi, 40min by public). We are happy to support you with organizing a taxi share between participants

tel: +34 93 635 02 47
fax: +34 936654199

Upon request we also take your room reservation for the venue hotel. Single rooms EUR 99,- / Double rooms EUR 119,- (excl. 10% VAT, EUR 0,90 Touristic tax per night)

Hotel Bel Air

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Jan 24 – 25 2017
Starting Effective Kanban Systems
Kanban System Design (KMP I) >


  • Understand the full background of the Kanban Method and how to apply advanced concepts for effective organizations and work systems
  • Explore ways to greatly improve Kanban Systems you have now and most effective ways to manage them day to day
  • Address the product and service strategy of your organization, the demand of various stakeholders and related business risk and opportunities
  • Find better balance for customer demand, business risk and align the capabilities of your organization, in order to drastically improve your competitive position
  • Move your systems further via powerful practices for feedback loops and run an evolutionary and experimental approach for change and organizational development, fit for creative knowledge workers in the 21st century.
  • Take with you the experience of interactive games, exercises and simulations, maximizing your learning journey together with highly experienced trainers and facilitators

Course Content

  • Adaptive Organizations: Background and motivation for the Kanban Method. Concept of “Sense & Respond” on organizational level. Balancing service exploration and service delivery exploitation. Understanding appropriate organizational paradigms.
  • The Kanban Method: Focused wrap-up as baseline to go deep. Anatomy of successful Kanban Systems. Controlling Work in Progress, Visual Management. Evolving from Proto-Kanban. Little’s Law and Lead Time Distribution. Cost of Delay and Service Classes. Revisiting the STATIK approach
  • Improving delivery capabilities (“doing things right or better”): Service Delivery Agility, Understanding Lead Time, Variation and Risk, Implementing Information Flow via the 7 cadences, Service Delivery Review and Risk Review, Probabilistic Forecasting, Continuous Improvement (e.g. via Kanban cadences, Toyota Kata, A3)
  • Improving portfolio and planning (“considering the right things with impact”): Product Life-Cycle and Portfolio Kanban, Upstream Kanban and Real Options, Qualitative Assessment of Cost of Delay, Multi-dimensional Risk Profiling, Fitness Metrics
  • Driving Lean and Evolutionary Change: Principles for scaling Kanban across the organization, Rollout phases for Kanban initiatives,  Applying the Lean Change Cycle, Dealing with Change Resistance, Designing lightweight planning tools (e.g. Change Canvases), Options and Experiment Board, AgendashiftTM Values-based Assessment, Applying AgendashiftTM tools for formulating strategy, framing organizational change aligned with change leadership.
In addition we invite participants to share their preferences about the event content. Upon registration you have the option to give us your feedback via a very brief questionnaire, so we can adapt the program as good as it gets to the specific needs of the group.


This class is best suited for people who currently use a Kanban system, or have prior experience with Kanban, or who are in the KMP training series currently, and/or who have consulting clients who use Kanban. Prior attendance at KMP Foundations I: Kanban System Design or any previous Lean Kanban University Foundations-level class such as Getting Started with Kanban or Certified Kanban Practitioner is preferred (required to achieve KMP status – see here). A wrap-up of the Kanban Method, part of the starter, helps all participants in leveling out to a common baseline.


Participants receive the KMP II Certificate via Lean Kanban University. Having already received a Foundation Level certificate (KMP I) they also receive the Kanban Management Professional (KMP) designation via LKU. And in addition you receive the official Lean Change Agent certificate via Happy Melly.

Should you still need your Kanban foundation level certificate, you can make use of Agile Experts’ special offer to participate in their KMP I classes (former Foundation Level) at a discount of 50%, including transfer coaching for your practical cases during and / or after the KMP I event (you will benefit a lot through the extensive STATIK exercises. Check our latest LKU training curriculum for more details.

In addition you qualify for 16 SEU (Scrum Education Units) of category C, relevant for a Scrum Alliance CSP certificate and for respective PDU’s as PMI member (e.g. for extending your PMP or to acquire the PMI-ACP certificate).

Included with Training Package

  • “Advanced Level” (KMP II) Certificate of Participation via Lean Kanban University
  • Membership in Lean Kanban University and a listing in the LKU Alumni Directory
  • Official training materials (in electronic PDF Format)
  • Fotos of all produced materials and posters
  • Lunch as well as snacks and soft drinks during breaks
  • Eligibility for special invitations, discounts and content only available to LKU members

Your Trainer

Mike Leber

Mike Leber

Lean & Agile Coach, Accredited Kanban Trainer

Mike works as a Management Consultant, Lean & Agile as well as business coach with Agile Experts e.U. Having more than 25 years experience as a manager, IT consultant and coach with large international groups as well as with smaller teams and mature startups, Mike is well prepared to enrich his classes with hands-on advise and rich learning stories. Mike is an Accredited Kanban Trainer (AKT) of LeanKanban University and also a Scrum Trainer, Management 3.0 and Lean Change Facilitator. Mikes passion is with topics such as leadership, innovation, design thinking and new ways for change management and the growth of highly adaptive “Learning Organizations”. His experience applying Lean and Agile with large IT and industrial organizations since many years feeds a deep learning experience. This is extended with a growing record from work with creative agencies, non-IT departments and diverse industries.

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Kanban and Lean Change at The Beach is an interactive training and workshop format in an inspirational environment. We offer a limited number of seats on a first come first serve base. Should you be interested in a later date or in an individual inhouse event, please get into contact with us.

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