Welcome to Agile Counseling

At agile conferences we regularly run free so called “coaching clinics” – experienced agile coaches help those seeking for advise or solutions in effective ways. We took this format as a model.

Purpose? You attended one of our trainings and afterwards questions arose in your daily practice? You are confronted with challenges while pursuing an initiative? Or you are simply not sure, how to approach your topic? Then this is the right place.

How? We reserved time blocks for such questions, where we are available to you for free coaching or mentoring. Time blocks are limited to 30 minutes. Whether you need more, and how we could proceed, we will see at our meeting.  

Your Meeting – online or via telephone – you can choose here with us:

PS: We also offer professional coaching for whole systems (relationships), any kind of teams and individuals. For certain situations we dedicate a limited amount of our capacity as pro-bono coaching.  If you feel interested, contact us via email at coaching@agileexperts.at