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This forum focused mainly on dialog between practitioners. Hence we ask for your understanding, that some events do not invite consultants or external coaches.

Agile HR

Agile Organization, New World of Work, Digital – Society and the World of Work about to be disrupted.

This is the frame for the Agile HR Circle, offering and creating potentials for HR leaders and experts, which help to craft vital new types of organization and collaboration.

Pull subject related impulse from practical backgrounds and exchange with colleagues and like-minded people. Our inputs are always late-breaking: 

  • What does change towards more Agile Organizations mean for our business?
  • Which impact will this have on our HR function, methods and practice?
  • Which contribution can we make to this radical change especially as HR?

This and much more you will deepen at the Agile HR Circle with experts from real practice. In addition you will receive subject related inputs from time to time. The physical events of the Agile HR Circle will take place in Vienna, Austria. But from time to time we will also host online sessions.

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Next Agile HR Circle 2019 in Wien. Impulse Topic and registration soon here!

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