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Delivery of strategic goals depends on fast coordination across your enterprise.

Combining visibility, focus, and data-driven decisions, Enterprise Services Planning is a complete management system that takes business agility to another level.

  • Business Agility across the Organization
  • Modern Portfolio Management
  • Kanban on Enterprise Scale
  • Effective Decision-making for Programms and Projects

Consulting and Coaching for Business Agility on Enterprise Level via Enterprise Kanban

5 days management training built into 5 modules. Bookable as a whole (with price advantage) and also as individual modules.

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Enterprise Services Planning (ESP)

In collaboration with David J. Anderson we are one of just few Consultancies world-wide to offer training and coaching on ESP – the new Management Method for running 21st Century Businesses.

Delivery of strategic goals depends on fast coordination across your enterprise.

Combining visibility, focus, and data-driven decisions, Enterprise Services Planning is a complete management system that takes business agility to another level.

We offer Public and Inhouse ESP Traings. Select the 1-day classes that are right for you or take the entire series over 5 days. We also include ESP successfully in transformation engagements for Business Agility with our clients.

Interested in running an Agile Organization with an Agile Product and Service Portfolio, attached to Strategy and Execution? Interested, how to enable fit for Purpose end-to-end Value Streams?

You are interested in Agility not only in IT, but across Product Management and all other Services such as Finance, Legal, HR, Production, Delivery and Support?

Then Enterprise Services Planning (ESP) is the right concept for your needs!

ESP is one of the leading approaches on the market, when it comes to growing end-to-end Business Agility. Right conversations on stragic position, fitness for purpose and deep guidance via real capability data, directly applicable powerful concepts, backed by multiple success stories from various industries.

Shaping Business Agility across the whole Enterprise.

ESP 1: Strategic Planning

Fitness for Purpose, Organizational Risk & Alignment

Content & Learning Outcomes

  • How to plan and hold effective strategic planning meetings
  • How to select and deselect market segments
  • How to recognize the fragility of a strategy
  • Defining KPIs that are directly relevant to success in markets
  • Using Fitness For Purpose Surveys and Fitness Box Score to direct market segmentation and KPI definition
  • Avoiding overreaching – understanding service delivery capabilities and how they relate to market needs and expectations

Who Should attend?

Recommended for executives, consultants, and senior managers to do optimal strategic planning

Recommended Combinations

Combine with module 2 (Business Risk focus)

ESP 2: Product & Portfolio Management I

Cost of Delay & Business Risk Assessment

Content & Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding risk measures: Nominal; Ordinal; Interval; and Ratio
  • How to visualize multi-dimensional risks
  • Understanding actual cost of delivery delay versus probable cost of a starting delay
  • Apply a Cost of Delay pattern library with policy guidance
  • Understanding how to define and measure urgency
  • Understanding how to select a class of service based on urgency
  • How to map decaying value and urgency to a Critical vs Urgent matrix (Covey Chart)

Who Should attend?

Recommended for managers at all levels in order to create optimal coordination throughout an organization

Recommended Combinations

Combine with module 1 (Business Risk focus)
Combine with module 3 (Portfolio focus)
Combine with modules 3 & 4 (Planning focus)

ESP 3: Product & Portfolio Management II

Shaping Demand & Hedging Risk

Content & Learning Outcomes

  • Understand how to create a demand shaping threshold plus triage protocol to simplify planning
  • How to design a Portfolio Kanban board and pick up to 4 business, delivery or governance risks to visualize
  • Understand how to use Real Options thinking
  • Understand commitment and how an option converts into a commitment to deliver. How to align commitment points
  • Know where to place a commitment point in the workflow in order to best manage risk and expectations while minimizing waste
  • Understand why it makes sense to align organizational boundaries with commitment points

Who Should attend?

  • Recommended for product managers, directors, consultantws and anyone who works with scheduling and portfolio planning
  • Ideal for those who have previously attended the Kanban Coaching Masterclass or a Risk Assessment workshop with David J. Anderson

Recommended Combinations

Combine with module 2 (Portfolio focus)
Combine with modules 2 & 4 (Planning focus)

ESP 4: Project Planning and Forecasting

Project Planning & Forecasting

Content & Learning Outcomes

  • How to use simple but effective means to forecast project outcomes
  • Using data to manage delivery risk and make promises you can keep
  • Understanding the risks and uncertainties in project planning and why scope creep is the biggest risk
  • Understanding how to recognize stable system conditions and when simulation is appropriate
  • How to feel comfortable working with historical data sets
  • Understanding why “Black Swan” problems do not occur in project management and the benefits this brings

Who Should attend?

  • Recommended for Service Delivery Managers, project managers, department heads, coaches, consultants, and anyone who tracks performance or schedules
  • Intended for people who use Kanban within a relatively traditionally portfolio management organization

Recommended Combinations

Combine with modules 2 & 3 (Planning focus)
Combine with module 5 (Enterprise focus)

ESP 5: Scaling & Managing Dependencies

Scaling & Managing Dependencies

Content & Learning Outcomes

  • “All the proposed work is required!” Demand isn’t as irrefutable as you might believe. Learn what to do when faced with it
  • See the system of systems as a whole and the benefits of optimizing the network rather than the local workflows
  • Recognizing the 11 specific practices in Enterprise Services Planning that help identify and manage dependencies
  • Understanding the value and usefulness of a dynamic reservation system
  • Understanding when to book capacity and which class of service to use given the risk profile of dependent demand
  • Understand the Kanban Cadences for enterprise alignment

Who Should attend?

Recommended for Service Delivery Managers, project managers, department heads, coaches, consultants, and anyone who coordinates planning and delivery

Recommended Combinations

Combine with module 4 (Enterprise focus)

Enterprise Services Planning Program (ESP)

The Enterprise Services Planning (ESP) Management program uses Kanban and a full range of complementary techniques to foster a more predictable and fit-for-purpose organization.

Modern businesses consist of ecosystems of interdependent services
Enterprise Services Planning is a complete management system that uses the techniques verified by the Lean Kanban community to achieve greater coordination and alignment across multiple departments, remote offices, and internal and external customers. It enables agility without loss of management control.

Master the highly challenging environment of Professional Services work by learning:
• how to decide about and select work items,
• when to schedule them,
• in which order to sequence them,
• when there is capacity to take on more work,
• how to manage dependencies,
• how to plan, track, and evaluate results
• how and when to improve

The ESP program consists of five standalone modules which can be consumed as individual 1-day classes or bundled to suit individual needs. We offer public and inhouse trainings and include ESP as part of transformation programs.

Management 3.0 in Wien - Mike LeberMike Leber works as an Executive Consultant, Agile Coach and trainer with Agile Experts e.U. His clients are multi-national corporates across the globe. Having more than 25 years experience as a manager, IT consultant and coach with large international groups as well as with smaller teams and mature startups, Mike is well prepared to support his clients with hands-on advise, powerful concepts and rich learning stories. Mike is an Accredited Kanban Trainer (AKT) of LeanKanban University and also a Scrum Trainer, Management 3.0 and Lean Change Facilitator. Mikes passion is growing of highly adaptive “Learning Organizations”. His experience applying Lean and Agile with large IT and industrial organizations since many years feeds many successful transformations with his clients.

We support our customers with Enterprise Kanban for achieving Business Agility. If you are looking for viable concepts, how to grow an Agile and Adaptive Organization, this is the right management concept. We offer consulting, training and enterprise coaching via ESP. Get in touch for a first briefing, how this can help your organization too.

You want to organize an Enterprise Service Class inhouse? Or you want an initial Conversation, Consulting or Coaching about ESP? Please contact us and we will arrange a conversation, talking with you about an individual event design.

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