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Kanban and Business Agility beyond IT!

Do you Kanban? Having grown quite a market share, about 10 years after its founder and pioneer David J. Anderson had started his first initiatives to shape its approach, Kanban offers today the Alternative Path to Agility. No matter, if you work in IT or any other industry. Via Kanban we achieve true Business Agility, 90% decrease in lead time, a multiple in throughput is not uncommon. Improved customer satisfaction, more effectiveness in taking hard management decisions, happier teams and employees, altogether outperforming businesses – that’s what we achieve with the Kanban method.

Talking about impact, further potentials and actual motivators, you can learn much about it here in this Kanban space on our website. Join one of our next Kanban trainings, certified via Lean Kanban University. Or let’s have a conversation about growing end-to-end Business Agility for your whole organization via Enterprise Service Planning (ESP).

Certified Kanban Trainings, Consulting and Coaching

Enterprise Services Planning

Enterprise Kanban (ESP)

Next Generation Kanban on Enterprise Level
We offer the latest curriculum and ESP services
for your organization!

Kanban System Design, KMP I

Vienna, 3.-4. September 2019

Designing effective Kanban Systems.

Language: German.

Starting at EUR 1.090,-

Kanban Management Professional, KMP II

Fall 2019
Grow Business Agility. Improve Kanban Systems further.
Language: German.
Starting at EUR 1.090,-

The Alternative Path to Agility – via Lean Kanban University and the Kanban Method. We offer the comprehensive compendium for growing Agile Organizations. A variety of Certified Kanban Trainings and Workshops together with a rich selection of complimentary concepts for leadership, innovation, service delivery and change.

  • 1 day Kanban Introduction (e.g. for decision makers)
  • 1 day Team Kanban Practitioner – TKP (NEW!)
  • 2 days Kanban System Design – KMP I
  • 2 days Kanban Management Professional – KMP II  (See also Kanban Management Professional)
  • 5 days Enterprise Services Planning – ESP (A set of 5 individual modules. In collaboration with David J. Anderson)

Check our upcoming Kanban events at Lean Kanban University.

With this brief outline you see, what’s available for approaching the whole Alternative Path to Agility via our Lean Kanban University offering. Business Agility in terms of strategic offerings for product & service portfolios, hedging of business risk, deferred commitment, scaling out of services across the company and fitness of service delivery. From our own experience working with highly innovative organizations – whether large corporates or disrupting startups – we target at the big picture of an Adaptive Organization (more about this via upcoming projects, publications and conference talks).

(Note: ESP – Enterprise Service Planning currently only provided by David J. Anderson)
Lean Kanban University Training Curriculum

Most current Kanban Curriculum Outline via David J. Anderson & Associates

This place is growing with lots of additional core materials to come, helping you with better understanding the background of the Kanban Method, providing guiding material on implementation, and also on our certified training curriculum.

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