#KanbanTour16 – On the Road to Business Agility

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Concepts for better Business Agility have grown really fast over the past few years. And it seems pretty clear, that society and business have been entering a phase of shifting paradigms, how we create new products & services, awesome places for collaboration, outperforming businesses. It is finally all about Business Agility!

The year 2016 is a major milestone in this development and we happily work on making it an awesome one for faster growing Business Agility around the globe.

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One of our initiatives will deliver and contribute to events across the globe, diving into powerful concepts for fast and effective growth of Business Agility. Whether it is about product innovation, adaptive organizations, adaptive change or the agile way of powerful service delivery. One of our packages contributing to this roadmap for Business Agility is our #KanbanTour16.

We currently work with partners in various places for launching the #KanbanTour16 with an offering via Lean Kanban University. Some of these locations already under preparation are:

  • Kanban in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Sarajevo)
  • Kanban in India (Bangalore and probably further cities)
  • Kanban in Vietnam (various cities)
  • Kanban in Australia (East coast)
  • Kanban in China (East coast)
  • More under preparation!

And of course there will be Business Agility with Kanban in Austria, Germany and Switzerland, definitely coming back to Barcelona “At The Beach”. More to come soon! Wanna know, how this can work? Check our newsletter or stop by from time to time for catching up! Hope to meet you at one of our events! Interested running an event in your city? Then please get in touch with us.

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