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Listen to these stories and check out some straight practices for your teams

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Listen, why a Management 3.0 Workshop is basically a perfect opportunity to also re-inspire your organization, in order to become fit for a challenging, but promising future.


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Management 3.0 Workouts

Management 3.0 is a whole new approach for driving businesses in the 21st century. Apart from our workshops and transformation programs, there is a lot of concepts and content, Management 3.0 offers to help leaders, change agents, teams, larger enterprises and also startups in growing more inspiring and effective work places. Check out some of Jurgen Appelo’s videos and learn about examplary powerful stories.

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Interested in some Management 3.0 workout practices?

Personal Maps

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Delegation Board

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Exploration Days

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Happiness Door

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Celebration Grid

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7 Rules for Creativity Managers

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