Management 3.0 – Agile Leadership
July 24th-25th 2017

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Management 3.0 in Wien - Neue Unternehmenskultur

Culture eats strategy for breakfast. Zappos, Ideo, Valve and myna more demonstrate, what a modern corporate culture is all about. In this course you will also work on your company’s culture.


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Management 3.0 is a very comprehensive concept for creating and running Agile organizations and modern workplaces. We will publish here a series of posts, step by step introducing the various items on the agenda of the 2-day class. Stay tuned for more to come.

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Management 3.0 Foundation Workshop

Workplace Innovation. Agile Leadership. Rethinking Organization and Management

Management 3.0 – how you can shape Agile Organizations and make Agile Leadership happen. How to manage transformation from traditional management. Inspiration from those, who run their organizations already differently today. Leading your company into a dynamic future. Shifting from traditional employee roles towards engaged co-creators and collaborators.

One of the best offerings available on the market. For 2 days you will work on your new leadership maps during our “Design Studio” for a new way of Management. Take your option now, become an Agile Leader and start leading Agile Organizations!


The new book of Jurgen Appelo is fresh out on the market. We run the official workshop around its concepts! Everything for Agile Organizations, Agile Management and Agile Leadership.

Management Innovation is at the core of any Agile Organization, enabling new ways for more effective collaboration – offering high potentials to inspire employees and teams, boosting creativity and competitive capability. Grab your seat early enough for our classes. We usually have a selection of different options for you to participate in these events.

  • Early bird offerings with special pricing
  • Attractive group discounts for members of the same company / organization
  • And also options for self-pay participants and students upon request via email

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Our Management 3.0 Events
  • Schedule: 9:00am until 5:30pm (Day 1: 9:30am – 6:00pm)
  • Electronic copies of all materials and exercises
  • Supplemental materials in relation to Management 3.0 topics
  • Detailed photo minutes of all posters produced during workshop
  • Optional online follow-up dialog (Live)
  • Lunch as well as snacks, coffee, tea during breaks
  • Official Management 3.0 Certificate via Happy Melly

You will explore the following topics in our Management 3.0 class, including impulse sessions, collaborative interventions, exercises and games as well as debriefing with the whole group:

  • Agile Management and Leadership in complex systems
  • People Factor – Understanding and creating space for motivation
  • Self-Organization – Situational leadership, distributed control and trust
  • Alignment for Agility – Purpose, Goals, Values and how to balance autonomy
  • Modern Organizational design for Agility (incl. concepts from Holacracy)
  • Agile Culture and Change
  • “Management 3.0 – Emerging Agile Organizations

Bring your own challenges, elaborate options and take a bunch of fresh ideas with you for growing Agile Leadership in your organization.

Who participates in our Management 3.0 Events? Who are typical Target Groups? Check out details here >?
Management 3.0 – Workplace Innovation. Reinventing Organizations. Agile Leadership in Action. Exponential Change within our economic and social environments does not stop at any organization. In order to stay competitive for the future, attract new contributors and inspire employees, organizations have to become fitter for purpose. This requires to rethink, innovate and reinvent the way we organize, manage and collaborate.

New World of Leadership?In this class you experience, how to design and let Agile Organizations emerge. You may redefine your position as a manager, enable change and learn about our successful approach for growing Adaptive Organizations.

New World of Work? No matter if you come from an established company – from any industry – or from a focused startup. This class offers the same learning experience for all. Transparently dealing with power in organizations, consideration of people’s intrinsic motivators, development of teams and individual strengths, pragmatic topics such as how to handle bonus and feedback systems, enablement of effective performance indicators, fostering of an inspiring company culture, organizational structures for enabling good communication and much more.

Our class goes beyond standard M30 offerings. We incorporate deep experience and a variety of related disciplines. You learn about the bigger picture, how to literally design an organization and engage for leadership. Various interactive exercises, games and additional materials let you shape your own path. No matter which industry you work in, whether you manage teams, service units, such as HR, purchasing or legal, or wether you work directly on a team or are in the process to ramp up a startup (also check M30 compendium for Startups). Besides all those innovative practices you learn from our broad experience from concrete practice.

slack_logo_white_smallWith your participation you receive your personal and optional access to our Agile Leadership Online Channel. You can network with other freshthinkers and changemakers within the world of Agile Organizations. You get access to interesting content and brand-new publications.
Grab our newsletter for staying up-to-date. We also invite you to watch a few M30 videos on quite pragmatic practicesfor your teams.

Worldwide companies have experienced the limits of traditional ways to organize and manage. In times of global interconnectedness disruption is nearly part of daily business. Change simply takes place and you decide, what to make out of it!

Volkmar Denner, CEO of Robert Bosch GmbH: “Money alone can even have a demotivating effect”

And more: “From now on the yearly bonus will only be derived from, how successful the company was. If you try to motivate people only via monetary objectives, you will at the end not get better, but possibly even worse performance.”

Pierre Nanterme, CEO Accenture: “All this terminology of rankings – forced rankings along some distribution curve or whatever – we’re done with that.”

And more: “Imagine, for a company of 330.000 people, changing the performance management process – it’s huge. We’re going to get rid of probably 90 percent of what we did in the past.”

Management 3.0 in Wien - Mike LeberThis class will be facilitated by Mike Leber, Lean & Agile Coach, who offers long-standing experience as manager and consultant related to Agile methods. Mike was one of the first licensed Management 3.0 facilitators. He is also a Lean Change facilitator, a Scrum trainer and Accredited Kanban trainer with Lean Kanban University. Mike collaborates with leading experts, when it comes to effective approaches for designing and leading new ways of Adaptive Organizations. His customers are large international groups as well as highly innovative and mature startups.


Weltweit stossen Unternehmen an die Grenzen bisheriger Organisation und Führung. Disruption gehört im Zeitalter globaler Vernetzung zum Tagesgeschäft. Veränderung findet statt und Sie entscheiden, was Sie daraus machen!

Volkmar Denner, CEO der Robert Bosch GmbH: "Geld kann demotivierend wirken"

Und weiter: "Künftig bemisst sich die Prämie am Jahresende einzig danach, wie erfolgreich die Firma war. Motivieren Sie Menschen nur über monetär bewertete Ziele, erhalten Sie am Ende nicht bessere, sondern gar schlechtere Leistungen."

Pierre Nanterme, CEO Accenture: "All this terminology of rankings - forced rankings along some distribution curve or whatever - we're done with that."

Und weiter: "Imagine, for a company of 330.000 people, changing the performance management process - it's huge. We're going to get rid of probably 90 percent of what we did in the past."

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