You definitely don’t need to Copy any of these Companies.
But you’ll need to Learn, how they Innovate, if you want to have your Company Survive!

Agile SW & HW at Tesla and SpaceX

With Joe Justice

Learn what Agile and Digital Transformation is really about.

Dive into the Secrets of Tesla and SpaceX with Joe Justice, based upon his experience at these Changemakers.

Vienna, Austria

Agile Hardware Development Improves
Business Growth, Product Innovation, and
Speed of Response to Change.

For example, a traditional automotive company takes 2.5 years for a minor change and 5 to 7 years for a significant change.

In an agile automotive company, headlights, taillights, and charging ports are changed in two days. These changes are made more than 20 times a week and are all installed in the vehicle.

How is this possible?

Agile development reduces bottlenecks to a company’s design and manufacturing speed, such as approvals, budgets, and responses to change.

Joe shares the following Story:

‘Many business people say that software has caused so many innovations that ‘software eats  the world’. But it is not software that is eating the world. Software companies are only a small fraction of the first companies to become agile and achieve rapid release.
It is Agile that is eating the world.”


09:00 – 17:00
Wien, AT (Venue: c/o Fa. Robert Bosch AG)Language: ENTICKETS

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This training is for you, if you are a Product Leader, Leader, Manager,
Coach, or Consultant in Product Development.
If you are an Engineer, involved in the
Development of Hardware Products,
you also benefit tremendously.

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Class Outline

  • Module 1: Launch. How to onboard people and teams and re-launch existing people.
  • Module 2: Fast Company: How to restructure business units and divisions for the maximum pace of innovation.
  • Module 3: Innovate: Changing budget processes for responsiveness.
  • Module 4: Budget: Updating supporting budget policies and contracts to match your new agile company structure.
  • Module 5: Module: Splitting the products and services into parallel execution for maximum speed.
  • Module 6: Lean Coffee: Self-organization of the work and timelines for lean innovation.
  • Module 7: Fast Team: agile team structures to increase financial efficiency.
  • Module 8: Digital Self Management: Improving human performance with excellent software.
  • Module 9: Justice Board: Self-forming teams with financial responsibility.
  • Module 10: xM: creating a factory that wants design updates daily.

Joe Justice is the creator of the Extreme Manufacturing. He is a TEDx Speaker, taught and led at a number of leading global companies in more than 20 countries, such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Boeing, Tesla, Toyota, NEC, and KDDI.

Joe has served as special lecturer at Harvard University, Oxford University and UC Berkely, among other.

These efforts have been featured in a wide range of media outlets, including Forbes Magazine, Harvard Business Review, Discovery Channel, Nikkei and Asahi Shimbun.

Included with your Package:
Tons of inspiration, first-hand insights from companies like Tesla and SpaceX, networking, lunch and coffee breaks.


Corey Alguire

General Manager & Head of Product, Zeiss Group

I was able to spend a day of thoughtful and engaged interaction with Joe Justice learning from Joe’s experiences working at Tesla and SpaceX. The small-group setting provided a lot of opportunities to talk in detail, ask probing questions, try out some new techniques hands-on, and learn a bit about how these companies do things *very* differently. The day provided a lot to think over. We all had the chance to learn from Joe’s years of agile experience combined with his structured and condensed observations about how Tesla and SpaceX achieve disruptive levels of continuous innovation in live hardware production streams right from the factory floor. The day wasn’t just about agile, this was agile on steroids. It was a lot to take in and the source of new ideas I look forward to making use of soon!

Torben Madsen

Managing Director, Compass Academy

Joe Justice’s Agile workshop was a revelation for me as a Danish business professional. It went beyond theoretical knowledge, offering a pragmatic look into the practices of pioneering companies. The workshop format was interactive, allowing us to delve deep into our questions. Additionally, the excellent lunch and the inviting atmosphere of the room facilitated networking and created a comfortable environment for learning. This workshop is a must-attend for anyone serious about implementing Agile at the highest level.

Kevin Harrison


This class was a groundbreaking inside look into cutting edge agile practices. Extremely thought provoking. Loaded with actionable content.

Steve Elliott

Tunstall Healthcare

A very useful course, allowing to understand how the current generation of successful companies think.

Do you have colleagues who need this training too?
We can hold this training privately for your company in English. Contact us > to customize your training.