Applied Agility in Leadership

Hands-on Deep Dive on Agile Leadership.
Leadership Development via smallOnline Cohorts.
Global Masterclasses as Part of the International ALJ Program. 

Including Exclusive Content:
AI and Leadership –
Exploring Options and Challenges

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The Agile Leadership Journey™ Development and Coaching Program helps develop self-awareness to improve leadership thinking and decision making for leaders in highly complex and rapidly changing environments.

We focus on the whole leader, including their creative aptitude to improve decision making, executing in a growth-oriented way to increase organizational capacity, thinking more systematically (with intention and attention) in explicitly enabling a culture of agility to deliver value.

Participating in one of our cohorts you’ll explore and challenge your own thinking models (assumption and believes), learn to expand towards a growth mindset, shape your presence and balance your power style, apply concrete ways to foster psychological safety, grow your situative leadership capacity from expert to achiever and catalyst levels.

You’ll learn, how to better take responsibility as a leader, enjoy life, help growing other leaders, by shaping vital human systems and thriving organizations for sustainable business outcomes.

This is what you will get with this Leadership-Programm Applied Agility in Leadership:

👉 12x Weekly 90-min Online-Sessions in small groups (Your Cohort)
👉 3x 60-min Online Global Masterclass (Monthly)
👉 FREE Access to Future ALJ Masterclasses (after this program)
👉 1:1 Professional Online Coaching Sessions
👉 Daily Praxis within your own work environment
👉 Peer Coaching Sessions within Your Cohort


Participation in all of our practice programs enable you to stay home and at work. We do not require in-person travel or in-person classroom time. All sessions are facilitated remotely via phone and web-based conferencing. Cross-Company Cohort Programs will combine leaders from organizations across the globe to increase diversity and learning.

Global Support: International Guides support this program in English, German, Spanish, and Swedish languages. Cohorts can be formed in relation to time zones and also language preferences.


The whole practice program consists of 2 parts, each of 3 months duration. Both parts can be booked and attended individually and independently of each other.

In this online Leader Practice Program you will develop your leadership awareness, situational adaptiveness, social engagement and strategic orientation to improve leadership capacity. The program includes a 360 Assessment, 1-1 professional coaching, weekly cohort engagement and at-work practice.

This program is also available for private clients engagements upon request.

In addition for private engagements we offer the complimentary Agile Organization Practice Program.

The Agile Organization Practice Program helps leaders identify and shape organizational culture to enable, support and grow agile ways of working. This program includes an organization culture survey and professional coaching to align and guide your leadership team.

A pre-requisite for participation in our practice program is the successful completion of the Scrum Alliance CAL1 Workshop or an ALJ Awareness Workshop >.


04.03.2024 -
ONLINEGerman + English Cohorts

Part A: Growth Mindset
12 Weeks Praxis Program. German + English language Cohorts for Leadership Development
08.04.2024 -
ONLINEGerman + English Cohorts

Part A: Growth Mindset
12 Weeks Praxis Program. German + English language Cohorts for Leadership Development
04.09.2024 -
ONLINEGerman + English Cohorts

Teil B: Catalyst Behavior
12 Wochen Praxisprogramm. Deutschsprachige Kohorten für Leadership Development
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ALJ Guides

The whole program is led by Pete Behrens. In addition each cohort is guided by an official ALJ Guide throughout the program. ALJ Guides are extremely qualified and experienced leadership coaches and have demonstrated respective leadership themselves and as well offer deep leadership competence in practice and theory .

Pete Behrens
ALJ Founder & Executive Coach

Mike Leber
ALJ Guide & Executive Coach
(More about Mike >)

And many more guides, who support the cohorts on this program. For a full list of ALJ Guides, please visit the ALJ Main Website >.

Webinar Recording about the Upcoming Practice Program

Program Details

For individual leaders to develop their self-awareness, leadership capacity and organizational impact.


Participants conduct a validated 360 Leadership Agility Assessment to provide critical self-awareness to guide their practice journey. Feedback on expert, achiever and catalyst characteristics provide key insights on the leader’s thinking, focus and behavior.

The 360 leadership profile assessment based on the Leadership Agility Development model introduced in the Awareness Workshop. It provides quantitative and qualitative data on the perceptions of the leader’s thinking and behaviors across four primary dimensions including self agility, context-setting agility, creative agility and stakeholder agility.

Feedback from the leader themself, one or two managers, stakeholder peer groups and employees provide a complete leadership feedback profile.

The Leadership Agility 360 Assessment you can also book as separate package. For yourself or for a whole team.


Participants engage with a Certified Leadership Agility 360 Coach in 1-on-1 coaching sessions diagnosing feedback and developing a leadership development plan. Specific focus on self-awareness, threat/reward triggers, balancing their power style and other catalyst habits will be integrated along with other leader-specific areas of desired growth.

Participants drive the agenda based on their goals and selected feedback focus. The guide provides insight and challenge to participants to focus, practice, experiment, reflect and share. It is through this co-creative engagement that leaders truly begin to expose and explore their potential as a leader.

You can also choose our Professional Leadership Coaching separately and individually.


Cohorts are intimate 3-5 member teams formed at the start of the program and become the fundamental building block to share in learning, practice and growth. Just as a Scrum Team is the core of an agile practice, the practice cohort provides the space and safety for experimentation, peer-coaching, practice and reflection.

All participants work, coach and reflect together through their journey in cohorts. Each cohort is professionally facilitated by one of our experienced Agile Leadership Journey Guides. Cohort teams are specifically designed to work across companies, gender, geographies and cultures to bring diversity to each leader’s practice.

Cohort teams are on a shared journey together, helping and guiding each other as challenges surface just as a hiking party support each other on a difficult mountain trek.

You book with us and join a German-speaking cohort, with working hours coordinated with the European time zones. For arranging the schedule, we take into account the possibilities of all participants.

At the same time our cohorts are part of the Global Journey, traveling together with many other cohorts around the world in this program. For this purpose, the kick-off takes place together with all cohorts. A global journey session for all cohorts also takes place once a month, which, in addition to a fresh content-wise impulse, offers the opportunity for a structured exchange of experiences and for networking.

A common learning platform integrates all cohorts of a program with each other and offers a variety of options for ad hoc exchange.


Part 1: Growth Mindset

You explore your orientation as a leader from an expert, achiever and catalyst perspective to improve your awareness, thinking and behaviors. Duration of this part of the program: 3 months.

Part 2: Catalyst Behavior

Building on part, you can further deepen your leadership skills in this second and optional part of the program. You will continue to work on your presence and power balance to strengthen stakeholder relationships and improve team engagement.

Program Content

Our leadership development program is divided into 2 parts (each can be booked and attended individually or together with a special discount). Each part runs for 3 months (12 weeks) and offers in-depth learning and practical application. The curriculum is divided into interactive 90-minute online sessions, taking place weekly with your own cohort.

Each week offers advanced content, practice, sharing and reflection to help participants explore and develop their leadership capacity. The specific weekly cohort dates are set together with the respective ALJ Guide of a cohort and its participants.

In addition, monthly global sessions are held with all other cohorts, which support the learning process through experts exchange, discussion panels and stories from participants. These sessions offer executives with different roles, from different industries and continents the opportunity to exchange ideas with each other and with the worldwide ALJ Guides for the purpose of mutual learning.


Part 1 – Developing a Growth Mindset

3 Months (12 Weeks) immersive Learning, Application and Practice

BONUS Content – Only Included with our Cohorts at AX Academy

  • How to Transform Reactive Leadership-Tendencies into Creative Leadership-Competencies
  • AI and Leadership – Exploring Opportunities and Challenges

Part 2 – Developing Catalyst Behavior

3 Monate (12 Wochen) tiefgehendes Lernen, Anwendung und Üben

Agile Leadership Journey
Certified Practice Leader

Our leader practice programs guarantee leadership insight through increased self-awareness, opportunity to practice, and regular feedback and validation from peers and expert guides over a 6-month period. This platform provides leaders with applying their learning at work.

ALJ Certified Practice Leader

The Agile Leadership Journey Guides share in a common practice program providing advanced education and validated practice to guarantee consistency and quality of applied learning.

Scrum Alliance
Certified Agile Leadership 2 (CAL 2)

Pete Behrens, the founding member of the Agile Leadership Journey Community led the design of the CAL Program for the Scrum Alliance. Choose carefully among the CAL 2 Programs available and seek one that incorporates ongoing practice and feedback rather than in-person workshops.

Certified Agile Leadership (CAL)

This program meets the learning objectives and requirements of the Scrum Alliance Certified Agile Leadership 2 (CAL 2) Program. Requires prior CAL 1 Certification.