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Jul 24, 2018News

Business Agility – Competence to Survive & Thrive

Business Agility – Key Topic for leading Enterprises

Since two years we’ve been supporting the global Business Agility Conference in New York City. The notion of Business Agility is at the heart of our own vision and services delivered to clients. Hence it was a logical next step moving closer for collaboration with the Business Agility Institute, driving the agenda further as a corporate member with strong focus on our home markets in the mid of Europe, but also for our global clients and partners.

Business Agility Institute (

What do we mean with Business Agility?

Let’s take a look at reality with Agile. A lot of people seem to having got already bored with agile methods, because their investment did not lead to actual impact. No wonder, given quite common patterns with often missing up-front clarity, why an agile initiative had even been started. It might have been imposed on teams and it might have been limited to a rather local departmental scope.

At the same time organizations jump to latest trends, such as New Ways of Work or Digitalization, without too much consideration of purpose, capability and needs, but rather driven by market pressure and short-term thinking. However, any such narrow view obviously leads into traps.

So what? All the above mentioned perspectives though play neatly together under one umbrella – agile values, principles & practices, new work and disruptive business models, leveraged by means of an emerging digital economy. It is the umbrella of Business Agility, referring to the agility of the organization as such, a competence to sense & respond. Sensing market trends, new developments, rapidly changing needs of markets and responding with services and delivery in appropriate fashion, focused on value, avoiding wasteful activity, baked into fast cycles of learning & adaptation.

Business Agility is not only outcome-oriented, it is the capability of a whole organization, thriving in challenging environment!

Business Agility Applied

Together with our strategic alliance partner UST Global we have been running large agile initiatives not only with clients in Europe, but on a worldwide basis. There we mainly focus on business agility – capability of whole organizations, end-to-end delivery, whole organizational change, executive leadership on board of exciting journeys to literally reshaping the agenda of companies.

These initiatives towards business agility are obviously not limited to any business function. It is not only about rapid innovation, development of high-value products & services, creative problem solving and relentless improvement.

It includes strategy, portfolio management, finance, HR, legal departments, procurement, sales, literally every bit and piece of the organization. And all of this applies for each and every industry.

Business Agility Top Series Events

Building upon these strong relationships with powerful competence we are moving the needle further, crafting top-notch business agility events, which are kicking off autumn 2018 in Vienna and with further locations to follow.

These events will provide platforms for senior executives, change agents & practitioners in organizations, who are ready to move. Platforms of thought leadership, inspiration via real-life stories, platforms for exchange and networking.

Our Business Agility Top Events series will see next and certainly not be limited to:

  • An Executive Workshop with thought leader Steve Denning, building upon his latest publication The Age of Agile
  • Executive Roundtables in close collaboration with Drucker Society on The Future of Management
  • A European edition of the Business Agility Conference, May 2019, in close collaboration with the Business Agility Institute

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