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Our Agile Leadership Workshop is also available Inhouse delivery and in German Language.
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In our Programs we do not teach Leaders Agile Methods.
We teach Leaders better Leadership in an Agile Context!
Everyone can become an Effective Leader.

you Nurture the Soil for a TRULY Agile Organization.


  • 📆 04. Sep 24 - 06. Dec 24 >
    Applied Agility in Leadership – Developing Catalyst Behaviors for Innovation. September Kohorte
    Language: German + English Cohorts
    Teil B: Catalyst Behavior
    12 Wochen Praxisprogramm. Deutschsprachige Kohorten für Leadership Development


The Agile Leadership Workshop consists of 2 parts. Both obviously relate to each other, but can be attended individually and in any order (we offer combined and separated formats):

  • Agility in Leadership (CAL-E)
  • Agility in Organizations (CAL-O)

Some of the public dates cover both parts. Some only address one of them. Your Choice!

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You want to organize this Workshop Inhouse?

Regardless of whether you are at the beginning of an agile or digital transformation or are already on the move. With Leadership Agility you will demonstrably boost the success of your initiative.

We will discuss your individual context and requirements and from there design your workshop.

Find our more about the Agile Leadership Journey and about our free Taster Workshops.


  • Your organization already started its agile journey or is about to do so?
  • Your change initiative is rather challenging?
  • Results from agile ways of working are still pending?
  • Your leadership system still rather builds upon traditional ways?
  • And the path towards impactful leadership in the light of VUCA seems rather fuzzy to you?
  • You want to start improving your leadership capacity right away?

Then this Workshop is definitely right for YOU!

You get access to one of the richest agile leadership frameworks. The ALJ compass will give you a totally new language for developing your leadership impact. You get the latest research on leadership, tons of practical examples and tools, as well as an optional self-assessment for your own focused leadership improvement!

Your Results from this Workshop

  • Self-Leadership: Conscious mindfulness in your leadership will foster clarity about the real challenges and the signals behind. Insights about previous constraints and about your own potential. Conscious attitude to increase your personal effectiveness. Immediate improvement of your own leadership.
  • Focus: Thinking outside the box, on the whole and on the essentials. You will increase your competence to convey visionary goals. And you will get ready to effectively develop corporate and departmental culture. But you will also be able to increase innovation and productivity.
  • Change: driving meaningful and future-oriented change for organizations from within. Create and maintain a values-driven culture.

Market, organizations and, above all, leadership are changing rapidly. High environmental dynamics require new management skills to make better decisions in the face of increasing uncertainty.

The Awareness Workshop for Agile Leadership offers an amazing foundation for sharpening your leadership skills and setting your personal compass for an agile organization. You will take away a wealth of new perspectives, insights, as well as concrete tools and results for your own practice.

Agile Leadership Model

Agile leadership is not an end-state that can be reached. It is a growth mindset with increasing awareness, adaptiveness and effectiveness. As you develop agility, you increase your mental capacity and flexibility to situationally adapt in complex environments.

Your Agile Leadership Journey begins with this Awareness Workshop. And beyond this we even offer an optional comprehensive deepening for sustainable personal development. Should you be interested to even dive deeper, with the successful participation in this Agile Leadership Workshop you create the foundation for optionally participating in our 6-month ALJ Practice Program.

Leader’s Awareness & Choice ignites the turbo for more effectiveness in leadership and in your organization. Don’ wait, because every day you don’t grow as a leader is a lost opportunity for your organization.


LEADERSHIP ONLINE is not enough?

We host our ALJ Masterclass frequently in 
Barcelona, Hamburg and Vienna!


Globalization, automation, increasing regulations, a 24×7 mobile society have already changed the world of work significantly and will probably continue to do so. For leadership, this means that you can hardly rely on previous success patterns. Agile Leadership means effective leadership in highly complex, uncertain and rapidly changing environments.

Frameworks for agile scaling are nowadays a standard approach, but very often fail to achieve the expected results. None of these frameworks adequately addresses the attitude and behavior of executives and their role in creating new structures and influencing cultures that are required for the enablement of agile practices and the sustainable success of teams.

With the Agile Leadership Journey™ we offer a deep qualification, concrete guidance, coaching and mentoring for executives, who want to achieve their own path towards more effective leadership and who want to increase the effectiveness of their organizations.


Leadership Agility® already helps thousands of executives worldwide to demonstrably improve their performance.
An improved management capacity, which leads to increased agility of the organization and better business performance.

Previous participants in the Agile Leadership Journey program come from a wide variety of industries and regions. Numerous companies around the world also use this program internally to make their managers fit for the future for the challenges of the 21st century. Just a few examples are Swiss Re, Sanofi, McKinsey & Company, ADCB, Vodafone or Danske Bank.

Agile Leadership Compass


The leadership trainers & mentors – also known as ALJ (Agile Leadership Journey) Guides – of the ALJ program are particularly qualified and experienced leadership coaches.

But they don’t theorize about agile leadership and leadership agility.

All of them have demonstrated leadership as well as leadership skills in challenging situations and agile environments..


Mike Leber

Mike Leber
ALJ Guide & Executive Coach
Leadership Agility 360 Coach

Mike Leber is one of our Leadership Coaches, who accompanies our workshops.

Depending on the setting, a workshop is facilitated by two leadership coaches in a duet.

Coaches we work with in our workshops, for example, are Bent Myllerup, Pete Behrens, Eva Gysling and many more.



Agile Leadership Workshop

Our ALJ Workshop offers Two Main Parts

We run workshops including both parts and some, only covering one of them. Check and choose from the list of available dates.

  1. Agility in Leadership: Development Perspectives for Leaders, Managers & the Leadership System. Covering the CAL-E certificate.
  2. Agility in Organizations: Implementation of these Perspectives in the Organization & Transformation. Covering the CAL-O certificate.
Check out what you will learn in this Workshop:

Business Agility - Designing your own Business Case for Agility

  • You explore the necessary competencies of your organization with regard to business agility.
  • You will determine, how business agility serves as better risk management strategy, when it comes to complex, uncertain, and rapidly changing environments.

Introduction to the Leadership Agility Model

  • You will become familiar with the leadership agility model and get ready to use it for identifying your own current leadership perspective and points of view.
  • This creates the basis for improving your leadership effectiveness – in connection with change initiatives in your organization, the development of high-performance teams and your results, especially in challenging conversational situations.

Increasing Leadership Capacity and Leading better situationally with Catalyst Leadership

  • On the journey to Catalyst Leadership, you will recognize more and more comprehensive perspectives as well as concrete options with which you can significantly improve your leadership work.
  • Using numerous examples, you will get to know the more effective perspectives and actions of a Catalyst Leader.
  • You concretize the awareness of your own leadership practice and the balance of your behavioral patterns in challenging situations.
  • You self-assess and stretch your leadership style for achieving more balance
  • This creates the basis for greater adaptability and effectiveness in social interactions.

Developing Catalysts Leadership Skills ("Micro Culture")

  • You will develop your skills to improve the results of every dialogue or meeting through a co-creative and better balanced behavior.
  • You learn to better classify your behavior and work with the help of neuroscientific insights.
  • You will elaborate a concrete agenda for your improvement process based on your personal behavioral patterns.

Understanding and developing your own Corporate Culture ("Macro Culture")

  • You will get to know the vital conditions for agile ways of working and how these are supported or hindered by the value assumptions of your organization.
  • Differentiating strategies for transformation programs in your organization, you will learn to avoid the pitfalls of classic scaling approaches.
  • Get effective ways for shaping culture in your organization. During the workshop you design concrete experiments and solutions for your concrete practice.

Leading the Business Transformation in Agile Ways

  • With your Catalysts Leadership Perspectives, you create the framework for a suitable organizational culture that promotes, engages and empowers teams.
  • You design positive change programs, change initiatives that improve business alignment and the flow of performance and values ​​towards your customers.
  • For this, learn to use the Catalyst Canvas for more focus, alignment and acceleration of change initiatives.

The Essence – Background of the Course Content

The content of this course is based on well-founded and in-depth insights & knowledge from practice and research. Including the latest developments in business model innovation, personality development, from brain research and developments for the implementation of cultural development programs as well as effective implementation of business transformations.


With these OnTheJob Leadership Workshops you have the opportunity to try out what you have learned in the seminar directly in your daily practice. The online sessions are thematically distributed over two to four weeks, depending on the given workshop. We encourage our participants to network with others between course sessions. And you also have the option of booking an accompanying leadership coaching package, when registering for the workshop.

Between the sessions you have time to reflect, to try out, to exchange ideas with your workshop facilitators or your cohort. And you will receive additional workshop materials to prepare for the next session.

We recommend to reserve at least 30 minutes preparation time between any two online sessions.


We offer a media-friendly Blended Learning Format for our online ALJ workshops. The group sizes are deliberately kept low in order to enable a good mix of diversity, but also active interaction and participation. All participants have access to our Learning Management System, which has an integrating function especially in those workshops that are held in shorter online sessions over a period of several weeks.

In all workshops, visual moderation and collaboration represent an essential element for a lively and highly interactive workshop experience. We provide the purely browser-based platforms Miro and Mural together with specially adapted ALJ boards, accompanying each module.

The tools that we use and that you need for your computer (preferably notebook or desktop, but not so much tablet):

  • Zoom for video and audio communication (with the consent of all participants, also MS teams). You can get the free Zoom Client at
  • Purely browser-based whiteboards (Mural / Miro). You don’t need a license, just an Internet browser (we recommend Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Safari and MS browser should work as well).
  • Preferably you have a stable internet connection with good bandwidth.

You will receive your access information about 1 week before the start of the workshop.

Interaktives Online Material inkludiert

Agile Leadership Visuals


Your workshop package includes the following working material for your successful participation and later implementation in your practice: 

  • The ALJ Booklet with lots of flipcharts and explanations in a handy A6 format. With this booklet, you will have all Agile Leadership concepts available at your fingertips in the future.
  • A detailed workbook consisting of 2 parts (Agile Leader, Agile Organization).
  • A welcome package with a few gifts, that will make your interactive participation in the course particularly pleasant.


Added Value. In addition to your participation in the online course, you will also receive our exclusive online ALJ course for self-study free of charge.

More content. This includes additional video and work material with which you can elaborate all the content at your own pace, but also all deepen it further.

Maximum flexibility. Should you miss a small part of the interactive online sessions for unforeseen reasons, you can at least make up for the content with the self-study course.


This workshop is an official part of the Agile Leadership Journey (ALJ) Program. Completing this workshop, you will receive the 2 ALJ as well as – optional (please see the respective workshop date) – the CAL-E and CAL-O certificates from Scrum Alliance.

These certificates enable you to participate later in any of our following ALJ Leadership Development Cohorts or a CAL2 program offered by Scrum Alliance.


To ensure the most intensive learning experience possible, the number of places in each cohort is limited. Be sure to save yours now.
The only way to change the world is to start doing it. Now!

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