ACE Meetup 2023-06 SPAR und Nave

Agile Coaching Exchange Austria Meetup

Insights for Business Agility

ONLINE June 1st, 2023, 18:00 - 19:00 CEST
With Eric-Jan Kaak (SPAR Business Services) and Sonya Siderova (Nave)

This session will give you an amazing opportunity to learn about business agility from the trenches. No buzzwords, just real and applicable content.

On the one hand, Eric-Jan will provide insights into the evolution of growing the responsiveness of SPAR Austria's large IT organization to their customer needs.

And on the other hand, Sonya will outline, how their guidance in relation to value delivery helps to identify business improvement opportunities. 

In order for your to get the most out of this session, Eric-Jan and Sonya want to hear from YOU, what you'd be most interested in.

Please be so kind and provide your input. It is totally anonymous, but helps to shape an awesome meetup in advance.