“Coaching Agile Teams 3.0” – Lyssa Adkins’ Awesome Class in Vienna

Dec 7, 2016News

Starting and Continuing Education, Deep-dive in Agile Coaching. Quality at its best!

lyssa-book1The term Agile Coaching was not coined earlier than 6 years ago in a more detailed fashion. Nearly 20 years after the first appearance of so-called light-weight methods for software development and 9 years after publication of the Agile Manifesto.

With her book Coaching Agile Teams and with the impact of the Agile Coaching Institute Lyssa Adkins contributed substantially to the progress in terms of quality. Since several years her 3-days training class („Coaching Agile Teams“) has been inspiring participants across the globe. Often heard feedback from participants: „One of the best classes ever.“

The development of Agile Organizations is a major part of our mission. High quality and effectiveness with Agile Coaching is a premise for us. And the respective qualification of our Agile Coaches is of high priority to us. Therefore it is our pleasure, in collaboration with the Agile Coaching Institute being able to bring the class Coaching Agile Teams 3.0 in 2017 the first time ever to Vienna as a public offering.

And this is just the start of our future collaboration with Agile Coaching Institute. Given the growing demand in Agile Coaching we will offer public as well as inhouse services for Agile Coaching in various formats, first of all with a main focus on European markets.

This class will be run by Lyssa Adkins in collaboration with Mike Leber. The event has been prepared together with our partner SolutionsIQ and will be run in collaboration with ACI (Agile Coaching Institute). The definite date for this 3-day class in Vienna has been set for November 6th – 8th, 2017.

Pre-registration has finished

catUntil April 1st 2017 we offered the possibility for demonstrating interest and dropping a nonbinding pre-regististration at our waitlist for the class.

Pre-registration was very successful, showing high interest, and we will start the official registration process soon. All people on the waitlist will then receive preferred ticket access to the class. Being on the waitlist you will be informed, as soon as tickets will be available, so that you can make use of your option. And also if you are not already on the waitlist, make sure to drop by and grab a ticket soon.

The training will take place November 6th-8th 2017 in Vienna. It will be held in English language.


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