Global Lean Change Agent Network starts 2017

Dec 5, 2016News

Lean Change Management – a new and fresh approach for successful change in organizations – highly iterative, feedback-driven, adaptiv and always focusing on organizational learning. Here we consequently pursue directly involving those affected by change.

A change approach needs change itself. – an approach via Lean Change does not follow a prescribed and methodical linear, top-down path anymore. Rather it orients toward the necessity to question, learn and adjust or pivot. Within an environment of high uncertainty the procedures and the goals itself have to stay adaptive. Finally change is not only about achieving a goal, it is to achieve the right goal and create impact. You don’t geht there with a prescribed process, but only with permanent inspection, learning and adaptation. Successful change is a collaborative learning journey.

Successful change needs purpose and participation. Instead of just processing activities for a change project, we permanently focus on crafting purpose created via the change for those involved and affected. This way we increase the probability of success for creating impact – an important parameter, quite often missed in change initiatives. Finally with Lean Change it is not anymore only about a single undertaking, but about strengthening the capability of an organization for change itself.

The concept. Lean Change serves as a perfect basis for successful Agile Transformations and at the same time also for all traditional change initiatives throughout organizations. We have integrated the Lean Change concept into our daily consulting and coaching work. And as official Lean Change partners we regularly organize public as well as inhouse Lean Change Agent (LCA) workshops around the globe. The participants learn the method within a very interactive context, directly start working on their own cases and take first results together with a lot of inspiration back into their own environment.

A Global Lean Change Agent Network emerges

glc-imgApplying these concepts in our larger transformation projects with clients, we have been one of the first Lean Change facilitators world-wide and the very first ones in Austria some years ago.
In 2017 comes the next step. Together with partners around Lean Change Management from so far 7 countries we will start the Global Lean Change Agent Network. Right from the beginning more than 550 participants from former LCA workshops will be on board.

What is it?

The Global Lean Change Agent Network is an organization dedicated to modernizing change management with Agile and Lean practices.

The people behind the network are Agile Coaches, Professional Coaches, and Change Agents with decades of experience working on Agile teams, coaching Agile teams, managing large and complex transformations and more.

That’s what makes us different, we bring multiple disciplines and deep experience with a wide variety of techniques, tools, methods and experience.

What’s different?

Many professional associations limit your learning to their standards and best practices. Today’s world of change cannot be managed with this type of thinking.

This network is designed to help you get your changes unstuck through community-driven involvement versus restricting you to close-minded thinktanks of ‘experts’ who control what you learn, and how you learn it.

More importantly, it’s run by doers who are using these ideas.

Click the image below for getting more stats about our Lean Change Agent Workshops.

<u>And here you can attend our next Lean Change Agent Workshops:</u> <ul style="list-style-type:none;padding:0;">
Currently we don't have any dates available for this event. Please contact us, if you are interested in an inhouse format, in future events or alternatives.

Also soon in Vienna, a special one in Barcelona and in the USA and another one in India. A three months trial membership for the Global LCA Network is included.

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