Enterprise Kanban – New Program via ESP and Lean Kanban University

Jul 11, 2016News

Agile Experts emphasize their strategic position, when it comes to Business Agility. Instead of local sub-optimization our customers are after the big picture, fostering their market position. That is, what we are focusing on with our projects and consulting, training as well as coaching services.

Enterprise Services Planning (ESP) stands for the new and most advanced concept for Business Agility at Scale. In a fast and highly dynamic environment most organizations are challenged. In order to deliver on strategic goals they depend on fast coordination across the whole enterprise. Enterprise Services Planning is a complete management system, taking business agility to another level, combining visibility, focus and data-driven decisions.

The ESP concept integrates the notion of Kanban systems at Scale. With full enterprise scope it brings it to the next level. And it goes beyond, by focusing on business strategy, alignment with market segmentation and development, as well as end-customer perspectives. This is the most current offering via Lean Kanban University, covering the full body of Kanban knowledge, and especially evidence-based practice from large-scale implementations around the globe.

In collaboration with David J. Anderson School of Management, we are happy offering the brand-new ESP curriculum as a world-premiere in Vienna. This is the ESP curriculum you will see from 2017 on. Our mission is leadership via the best offering in the market. So we are starting already now.

From 14th until 18th of November David Anderson will run a whole ESP Kanban week in Vienna – 5 days, 5 individual ESP modules. Participants can attend single modules and of course the whole powerful package at once.

The ESP program consists of 5 modules:

  1. Strategic Planning – Fitness for purpose, Organizational Risk & Alignment
  2. Product & Portfolio Management I – Cost of Delay & Business Risk Assessment
  3. Product & Portfolio Management II – Shaping Demand and Hedging Risk
  4. Project Planning & Forecasting – Data, Metrics and Delivery Risk
  5. Scaling & Managing Dependencies – Achieving Enterprise Alignment & Predictability

Find details and all information about the classes together with registration options here >.

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